Natural solutions for perfect emulsions & beverages

Acacia gum is the all-natural ingredient of choice for the stabilization of soft drink flavor emulsions.Emulsion and beverage

Preparing a stable flavor emulsion for beverages firstly requires excellent raw materials and a thorough knowledge to obtain long-lasting stability in both the original concentrated emulsion and the diluted form.

Nexira’s highly skilled R&D team has this perfect knowledge to achieve stable and eco-friendly emulsions.


Functionalities Nexira's solutions
Emulsifier  > Eficacia™ / Instantgum™ Organic grade available / Superstab™ 
Stabilizer  > Thixogum™ / Efistab™
Flavour stabilizer   > Damar-EZ™  Organic grade available
Fiber enrichment  > Fibregum™ Organic grade available

Organic grade available Organic grade available